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      • Antiqued Faux Metal Ceiling Tiles create an unique metal look at a fraction of the cost of real metal.
      • These panels come 2′ x 2′ to lay into regular 15/16″ ceiling grid or they can be directly glued to a flat surface like plywood or drywall.
      • The PVC Panels are made from washable .030″ sturdy PVC and wont sag, crumble or chip over time.
      • They are Class A Fire Rated and safe to use in both commercial and residential applications.
      • The panels combine a collection of benefits that is tough to beat – lightweight, easy to install, washable, economic, and beautiful!
      • Our Most Economic and Best Option for Faux Metal and/or Glue Up Decorative PVC Ceiling Tiles!
      • See Patterns and Finishes Available Below!
      • **Minimum Order is 10 Panels – Free Shipping on All Orders!!
      • ** Any returned panels are subject to a 35% restocking fee