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Specialty Ceiling Tiles

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    Insulating Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles are the perfect solution for jobs that require a lay-in ceiling panel with access above and high R-Value. They are made from a rigid 3″ thick fiberglass with a thin vinyl laminated to the face providing a stellar NRC value for noise absorption in the room and a fantastic R-Value for insulation and noise blocking.

    • 3″ Thick Lay-in Ceiling Panels – 2′ x 2′ or 2′ x 4′
    • Huge Labor Savings – No need to roll insulation behind the tiles!
    • Easy Access to Plenum Above and no worries about moving and putting back insulation behind the tiles
    • R-Value – 13.6 and NRC 1.00 – The best acoustical ceiling tiles on the market!
    • White or Black – Non-porous – Vinyl Facing – Easily Cleanable and Very durable
    • Panels Lay into Regular 15/16″ Ceiling Grid – Armstrong, USG, etc
    • Class A Fire Rated – Safe for Commercial Use
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    • 96 sq. ft. per box
    • Need 15 + boxes – Call us for a Custom Quote!
    • Special pricing available to people who can pick up the panels at our plant in Plymouth, WI – Contact us for details!

    ISC Black Cinetile Matte ceiling tiles are made from different thickness of lightweight, semi-rigid 2-3 lb density fiberglass with a non-woven Matte laminated to the face. The Matte facing is dyed black so there is no paint to chip over time and it is completely smooth with no sheen so you get a black ceiling panel that will blend in and look great.

    In addition to looking great, the facing breathes so that with a 1″ Thick fiberglass you achieve an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) value of .95. Normal mineral board ceilings that you see commonly will only give an NRC of .55.

    Most importantly, our Black Cinetile Matte Panels start as low as $1.66/SF which is incredibly affordable for a ceiling with superior acoustical performance. There is simply nothing else in that price range that will provide acoustics and a black look. This makes it perfect for home theaters, restaurants, showrooms, retail stores, and virtually any ceiling where a black look is needed


    Free Shipping on All Orders!

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    • Free shipping on all orders!
    • Available in White or Black
    • Class A Fire Rated
    • Totally Smooth PVC Finish – Washable on Both sides

    Duroglas Plus PVC Ceiling Panels are the perfect solution for Clean Room and High Humidty environments. They are made from a Rigid PVC (2×2 – 5/32″ Thick, 2×4 – 3/16″ Thick) and available in a variety of finishes to fit every job. They are guaranteed not sag, bow, or warp and they can even be removed for power washing.

    Duroglas Plus Panels work with for any traditional 15/16″ lay-in Ceiling grid. They are Class A Fire Rated and USDA Approved for use in food processing plants, restaurants, kitchens, and anywhere else.

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    • 3/8″ Plastic Eggcrate Ceiling Tiles
    • 1/2″ x 1/2″ Openings
    • 3 Colors – White, Black, or Chrome
    • Lay-In Ceiling Panels – 2′ x 2′ or 2′ x 4′
    • Larger Opening Sizes and Thicker Panels Available – Special Order
    • Available in 1/2″ Thick Aluminum – Special Order
    • Free Shipping on All Orders!!
    • Compare our prices to your local home improvement store!!
    • *Special pricing available to people who can pick up the panels at our plant in Plymouth, WI – Contact us for Details!
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    • ISC Mirror Ceiling Tiles are made from 2 mm Thick Acrylic with a Mirror Finish. The tiles are thin but made from a rigid Acrylic that allows them to lay into grid without sagging over time.
    • Traditional heavier panels can be laid in back to weigh them down but aren’t necessary in most applications.
    • Mirror Tiles are easy to install and cut with a common utility knife (score and snap). They give customers a high end reflective ceiling at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers.
    • Common Applications – Retail Stores (Security), Hotels, Nightclubs, Casinos, Workout Facilities, and anyone who wants a beautiful Mirrored Ceiling
    • *Contact us for 2×4 Pricing
    • ** Contact us for a free small sample if you would like to see the thickness and clear Mirror finish before ordering
    • *** Panels are Designed for Lay-in Grid.
    • ****They are not suitable for Glue-Up Applications.
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    • 50 Pieces per Box
    • Class A Fire Rated – Safe for Residential and Commercial Use
    • Covers Snap over Existing 15/16″ Ceiling Grid Used Everywhere
    • PVC Covers can be washed and wont rust or corrode over time