Box (10 Panels, 40 Square Feet)


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      • ISC Mirror Ceiling Tiles are made from 2 mm Thick Acrylic with a Mirror Finish. The tiles are thin but made from a rigid Acrylic that allows them to lay into grid without sagging over time.
      • Traditional heavier panels can be laid in back to weigh them down but aren’t necessary in most applications.
      • Mirror Tiles are easy to install and cut with a common utility knife (score and snap). They give customers a high end reflective ceiling at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers.
      • Common Applications – Retail Stores (Security), Hotels, Nightclubs, Casinos, Workout Facilities, and anyone who wants a beautiful Mirrored Ceiling
      • *Contact us for 2×4 Pricing
      • ** Contact us for a free small sample if you would like to see the thickness and clear Mirror finish before ordering
      • *** Panels are Designed for Lay-in Grid.
      • ****They are not suitable for Glue-Up Applications.
      Sold By : ISC Supply