Black Cinetile Matte

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    • 128 sq. ft. per box
    • Need 15 + boxes – Call us for a Custom Quote!
    • Special pricing available to people who can pick up the panels at our plant in Plymouth, WI – Contact us for details!

    ISC Black Cinetile Matte ceiling tiles are made from different thickness of lightweight, semi-rigid 2-3 lb density fiberglass with a non-woven Matte laminated to the face. The Matte facing is dyed black so there is no paint to chip over time and it is completely smooth with no sheen so you get a black ceiling panel that will blend in and look great.

    In addition to looking great, the facing breathes so that with a 5/8″ Thick fiberglass you still achieve an NRC value of .75. For extreme situations, we can use 1″ fiberglass and achieve an NRC of .95.

    Most importantly, our new 5/8″ Cinetile Matte as low as $1.40/SF is incredibly affordable for a black ceiling. There is simply nothing else in that price range that will provide acoustics and a black look. This makes it perfect for home theaters, restaurants, showrooms, retail stores, and virtually any ceiling where a black look is needed and you dont want to spend a ton of money.

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