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Stylemark Hinged Drywall Ceiling Access Doors

Availability: SKU: ISC15

Designed for both wall and ceiling applications, the hinged Stylemark Panel can be used where a locked door is needed but style is still maintained. The hinged panel is great for use in ceiling applications where there is no space to push a door up and in wall applications when access to plumbing and electrical is needed.

The Stylemark Hinged Access Panel consists of a frame and door with concealed hinges and a key lock.



Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Tapered edge for tape joint
  • Easily textured
  • Lightweight
  • Blends into surrounding drywall
  • No Shrinking or Cracking
  • Single Trade Installation
  • Pre-spotted fastener holes
  • Concealed Hinge
  • Flush Cam lock
  • All Panels Keyed Alike

Additional Information

Access Opening

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Rough Opening

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Part Number

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