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Are you having issues with soundproofing and noise control? The noise reduction ceiling Panels may be the perfect solution to minimize these issues.

You’re probably wondering how much of the ceiling you need to cover with these panels in order to see substantial results. The exact percentage of ceiling you need to cover will depend on the size of the room and what the room is used for. However, as a general rule of thumb, it is usually less than 50% of the ceiling.

Typically, in very small rooms like a small office or conference room, you might need to cover about 50% of the ceiling. In a larger restaurant, it might be about 35-40% and in some big open meeting spaces, it might be more like 25-30%.

If you contact us with the dimensions of the room and some simple information about what the floor, walls and ceiling are made of, and what the room is used for, we can let you know the exact amount you need. For example, if you told us the room is 10′ x 10′ x 8′ H, the floor is covered with carpet and the walls and ceilings are made out of drywall and the room is used for meeting space, we would crunch the numbers and tell you you need to cover 50 Square Feet of the ceiling to quiet that room down.

The beauty of not having to cover the whole ceiling means not only do you save money by just covering part of it, but you can easily work around can lights, vents and speakers that are already in the ceiling. You also don’t have to worry about custom cutting.

Partially covering the ceiling also gives you the ability to come up with a design or layout you like the look of. You can do small pods or groupings of panels, simple rows or custom designs. The only limitation is your imagination! As long as you don’t lump all of the panels in one corner and you get the correct amount of ceiling panels needed for your room, you can lay them out on the ceiling however you’d like to assist with soundproofing and noise control.

We have knowledgeable soundproofing and noise proofing specialists ready to assist you. Contact us if you have more questions!

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